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Hello Everyone

2008-05-14 16:48:31 by DeltaClaw

Hello to all, you have reached the page of DeltaClaw. As you have seen, I have been working day after day on the series of music, Darkness of Claw. At the end, I am thinking of releasing a final entry that is all of the Darkness of Claw series in one song. Also, I will soon have the stories of Clawman and Clawkid up on here, and also the original idea from which they came. I will reveal now that there are more mutated kids, and characters from Final Fantasy VII are also in the original story. More on that later.


This is an independent series of musical stories made by me(obviously). As noted before, this series sprang from an idea that I will soon have up. For now, that's all I can say without spoiling much of the story, so no bitching.


It's a guy fighting a dragon. Why is it here? It's cool. Any other reasons? No.

Hello Everyone


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