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The Slasher Chronicles

2008-06-03 17:24:25 by DeltaClaw

The Slasher Chronicles

Most of the credit for this idea goes to my younger brother, as he had the original idea. It all started out with a young boy who made a deal with the devil for incredible speed and strength. But, as deals with the devil so often do, things got complicated. The devil gave the boy strength, speed, and other powers beyond his imagination. One catch: these powers came to him when the devil made him into a demon. The other demons nicknamed him Slasher, due to the iconic huge claws that now served as his hands. Stuck in his horrendous new form, Slasher escaped Hell and wasn't seen for 50 years.

Meanwhile, a doctor was trying to develop the perfect artificial intelligence, a man by the name of Dr. Kirova (Kur-Oh-Vah). His main focus was the actual life in the machine. He had developed a machine that shot immense amounts of electricity into a device, and he was now trying to modify it to shoot life. He finished the prototype, and got the robot ready, which resembled a tall, skinny hunchback human with spikes on their hunch and avian wings on their back. During the process, the machine backfired, hitting Dr. Kirova and somehow transferring his mind into the robot. The only real success was that the robot was fleshed out now. The beam then ricocheted off of the new body of Dr. Kirova and stretched across the earth, and by some freak luck, the beam hit Slasher. This was known until later, but the beam also hit Rashatas (Ruh-Shah-Tus) and Fury, who will be introduced later. The spot where the beam hit the earth also became extremely radioactive, and would later give birth to Rafi (Rah-Fai) and Archeopteryx (Ark-e-opt-er-icks). This was the forming of the Slasher Brothers, or later on known as the Kirova Brothers. (Rafi and Archeopteryx are considered to be the family's half-brothers.)

That's basically how things started, but that was before they met the many others who would help them in their quest to defeat the DualSnake Family. More on that next time.

NOTES: This story's characters were originally figures that we made out of Bionicles. My brother was the one who made Slasher.



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